Exploring Soft Male and Bishounen Dolls Options / My Thoughts on Male Dolls


In this post, I will discuss male dolls I found to be very beautiful and worthy of mentioning for those looking for soft male options. I have also opted to sprinkle some fantasy options even if more muscular!

Male dolls are an enigma within the doll industry and it seems nobody can get it right because there's so many OPINIONS about what they should look like. But doll manufacturers HAVE received criticism for taking NO good opinions because they keep making awkward male dolls with ridiculous weight to boot, making them unsuitable not only for most women but also cumbersome for men. Weight reduction of these dolls is a sought after feature.

Unlike most women, I prefer effeminate men and twinks, so I'm an outlier in what would be "popular" in regards to male dolls. I'm afraid I can't really offer good feedback to the manufacturers due to my preference either. Most male dolls are made to be muscular and I think that is what other women would prefer. I don't really personally know other doll owners that are women but from reading forums, they tend to own muscular dolls. It's not that I don't like muscular men because I'm also into some Bara but it's just that every muscular male doll I've seen is very ugly, with the exception of 1-2 of the Irontech models, few outliers in other brands or modified dolls.

Starting off the post, in my opinion, the BEST standard male doll I have ever seen is the Real Love Sex Dolls Half Body Lakota.
He is gorgeous to me (I LOVE HIS BOOBIES) and I only can't buy him because there is no way in hell I can move him at 110lbs/50kg! However, I will say I AM VERY TEMPTED despite knowing I can't handle this doll's weight! Even though this is a post for soft males, if you're into Bara at all and can move him, highly recommend checking out Lakota and the Customizable Version that allows you to choose skintone, etc.

The company has mentioned that they are working on giving him more head options but me being 100% real, it's good to have a doll that has such an amazing body that isn't another white or asian guy. As someone with dark skin, I really love and appreciate Lakota! I would love to see an ebony head option for him though the fact that he can already come in actual black skin and not just "tan" makes him the MVP.


Traditional male dolls are very much a total miss for me personally, mostly because the manufacturers tend to focus on making female dolls, thus the end result of their male dolls come with very unnatural faces sporting weird geometry and meth addict cheek bones. The heads tend to be a Frankenstein mix of male and female and look more like Drag Kings with drawn on facial hair than actual males. The chests also have the nipples too centered, reminiscent of female dolls' breasts.

The Lakota doll mentioned above has actual anatomically correct male nipples, as they are not centered on his buff chest. (This is why he's the best, yes yes.)

If manufacturers ever get a hold of this post, male dolls ARE WANTED but the ones available just SUCK, are ugly, and heavy (keep in mind women are not going to have a good time with an 80lbs/36kg doll!), so of course they will not sell as much as the female dolls.

There will even be some good examples of this unfortunate reality in this post of male dolls with amazing bodies but weird heads.

However, there are some gems!

Worth mentioning is that even non-anime heads can be given custom make-up to appear more fantasy-like. This is what I was ultimately forced to do with my doll and the results are pretty great.


It gets more tricky to mix and match head and bodies between manufacturers if you choose a dark skin tone. Dark skin tones can vary the most per batch of dolls made.

Please note that you should ask the manufacturers or vendors if the specific head you are wanting to use is unlikely to react negatively (chemical reaction) with the body of another manufacturer. Every manufacturer has their own formula of the materials they use. There is also the chance of skin tone mismatching with the body you use. The safest option is a fabric doll head with an M16 connection.

If mixing body and heads from different brands, make sure your head and body of choice are compatible in the type of connection they use to attach to each other. Most dolls are an M16 connection but when it doubt, always ask the manufacturer or vendor.


Every category is organized in alphabetical order without a bias in position. (Unless I make mistake with the alphabet!)

Pictures are all clickable to view their full size.
Please also note that in order to keep the blog more accessible, I will try to stay away from nude pictures but all manufacturers and vendors will provide you with such pictures by default or upon request.


When buying a TPE doll, ask the manufacturer or vendor for a block of TPE of the same material batch your doll was made from or at the very least, the same skin color.

This is a life saver if your doll suffers damage, as you may be able to repair it yourself. Trust me, I wish I had known about this when I bought my doll. My doll did come with a TPE block but in the entirely wrong skin tone, so it could not be used for the repairs I needed.
If you had already bought a doll, it is possible to get TPE blocks by asking vendors about them.

※ Some options included may not be strictly sex and love dolls (such as custom anime head makers) but worth mentions due to the excellence of their products.

※ While most manufacturers or vendors sell full dolls, you are allowed to mix and match within a brand by contacting directly. This is known as a custom order.
If you like the face of one doll but not the body, you can replace the body with another of the same brand and vice versa.
Most manufacturers are willing to do custom make-up or eyes for the head, too.

If you have any suggestions, find any mistakes, or wish to contest the information provided, please comment on the post. I will check the comments for the blog. I will do my best to provide accurate information based on my own research, what other doll owners tend to collectively agree on, and my own experiences with my doll.

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  • Manufacturers - Will include TPE, silicone, and fabric (when I find any) options. I will add more when I find them.
  • Vendors - If you cannot navigate the websites provided within the manufacturer's section or they do not ship directly to your region, you will need to use a vendor.
    They act as middlemen between the factory and customer, as some manufacturers may not sell directly to customers. Some also offer their own line of in-house dolls. I will make sure to mention this.
    I strive to provide reputable vendors but when dealing with indie or strictly overseas brands, I cannot guarantee it as there is a language barrier, so you shop at your own risk.


The Best

Qita Doll



This entire post will just be me shilling out Qita dolls even though I don't own one. They have the BEST soft male dolls I have ever seen on the market. This is it. They captured lightning in a bottle and did the impossible, which is to make male doll with a cute face that still looks masculine and a soft body. The other manufacturers just don't get it at all.

As of the publishing of this post, you are unlikely to find a soft male dolls with unique faces unless it's a Qita. The faces of every other option I will list below in the Everything Else section pretty much kills it for me personally, but you can like the body and replace the head which is why I will still include them. Qita also offers a modest amount of head options. My only gripe is that some of their dolls, in particular the gorgeous 130cm model that is more lightweight, do not come in dark tan skin tone.





DHDoll specializes in all types of male dolls and all their soft male dolls are very pleasant. As a male doll enjoyer, I appreciate them a lot for focusing on male dolls. There are no over the top options here in my opinion but this isn't a bad thing, as some prefer more normal looking men and less fantasy. This is actually what sets them apart from Qita dolls and variety that also happens to look good is always a plus in an already small section of the love doll industry.

Even their more buff men are very well done! They have very soft body options and the dicks can look a bit intimidating but most male dolls have comically exaggerated dicks.

Soft, Cute, and Unique Handmade Fabric Male Dolls

ひよこ組 (Hiyokogumi) Dolls


KIMG4686 (4)


1 (3)

These gorgeous handmade male dolls are made by a maker in Japan who calls themselves ひよぬい (Hiyokogumi). Specializing in bishounen, shota, and otokonoko dolls! (Basically everything I LOVE) They state that they can be contacted on their Twitter for questions and the representative speaks English and can ship internationally! No middleman is required.

The pre-made dolls are posted for sale on their Twitter account and Yahoo!Japan auctions. You can contact them if you wish to purchase it. Hiyokogumi takes payment via Wise or Paypal if necessary. In the future, they may open an Etsy account.

They can make 75cm, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130cm boy dolls and do take custom orders depending on the request. You need to contact them to discuss details. Please have picture references of what you are looking for and Hiyokogumi cannot do replicas of copyrighted characters. Your own original characters or idea are ok to inquire about.

For months, I was wondering where these dolls came from and I recently found out it is them who are hand making them. Twitter has a lot of happy customers posting dolls that were made by Hiyokogumi. These are daki (hugging) dolls that are very soft and lightweight. Perfect as companions and for cuddling.They are also 100% male, meaning they have appropriate parts. As of this time, I have not found anyone other than them willing to make actual male fabric dolls that look cute.

The Hiyokogumi account has a pinned tweet with their current series of products. These are translations of the current series along with additional information given to me by their representative:

  • 抱きぬい男子 (Hugging Boy) Series: Fabric male dolls made between 80 and 170cm. Some adjusting is required to pose them and some of the dolls can come with skeletons. Inquire if they are offering dolls with toy skeletons currently (they state this is only available sometimes) otherwise, there are no joints, so they cannot stand on their own but changing clothes is easy and commercially available clothes can be worn.

  • ぽたぬい (Potanui) Series: Small 30cm dolls with a skeleton that you can pose.The dolls are androgynous.

I highly recommend checking Hiyokogumi out! I now own a custom doll by them and I'm so happy with him!

Everything Else

AF Doll

※ I didn't find their site


This brand has a few male dolls available, although most are "muscular". I put in quotations because the muscular chests still have those weirdly female nipple positioned too far into the center.
I couldn't even find a picture of the doll above anywhere else but on My Robot Doll (Here is the link), so I had to borrow the picture. He has a very cute body but the face is just unfortunate to me. The face looks way too much like generic female doll that a child would play with and it makes me dry looking at it. Definitely not for me. It may be salvageable if you are creative and can do magic with makeup.




This doll has a VERY NICE PAIR OF BOOBIES, though I would have preferred the nipples off to the side a tiny bit more like usual but honestly, still amazing. However, my gay bestie and I agree that the face is off-putting. I think better makeup can fix him a bit. The body is very unique and lovely, with a soft butt too! He also has a really nice slim physique. It's almost a bit unfair to put him down here but I can't overlook the face. Another similar doll is available by the company but I do not like the face on the other at all.

Rifrano Doll (RF Doll)

※ I didn't find their site


I will give it to them that their male dolls are very unique. Clearly not going for anything copycat here. I think the faces of these two dolls are so lovely and as pleasant to look at as the Qita dolls.

The grey haired one is almost completely fine, though he's certainly buff and the centered nipples syndrome strikes here again a bit. He just has a very cartoony looking ballsack that is a bit awkward looking to me. Nude pictures are available on this site for now. (Note: I know nothing about this vendor and I'm just linking them for pictures because My Robot Doll doesn't carry him but they do carry the other doll pictured, so it's possible they can get him for you.)
I still really like him though and he makes a great fantasy doll. I would even consider buying him!

Then there is the second doll which I have dubbed "the shota gone wrong". The face is so adorable but the body DOES NOT fit the face at all. That is the general consensus on what I have seen others think of this doll. The body just needed to be smooth. The penis is also one of the worsts I have ever seen. It is hilariously big and appears thicker than his ARM and plastic looking. Nude pictures available at My Robot Doll. I will probably even consider throwing this doll into my shota section just for the head.

10/10 faces with annoying caveats.

WM Doll

※ This doll is not pictured on their English site for some reason, so here is the My Robot Doll listing.

tpe-silicone-male-doll-matteo-5ft-2in-160cm (2)

Despite the buff torso, this doll using the WM Head #78 is really gorgeous and dreamy! The proportions on him are not all that intimidating despite the shredded abs. He has a real bishounen vibe to him. He does seem to come with some pretty nails that look like he has a manicure but nails are easily changeable on dolls.
Almost all available pictures of this guy are nude, so you should check the listing for non-crop versions.

Anything Else? More Anime Options?

This is a new option I found out about recently. You can use a fabric doll head on a male body!
Fabric doll heads are extremely customizable and safe to use on both TPE and silicone bodies. My Robot Doll has a lot of examples of this on their website, so I suggest a visit. But keep in mind that these cloth doll manufacturers only offer female bodies, so you still need your own male body to use with the head. Make sure the head you choose is compatible with the bolt connection of your body of choice.

The Loli Master Post also has more fabric doll manufacturers in the main section.


Aside from attempting to create a pseudo anime head like I had to do with my own doll using a more realistic head, the other option is at your own risk.

It involves using heads from brands that only make female dolls. I have already warned you about the risk of that in the Preface, regarding material reactions.

For the many anime head options, I will redirect you to the Loli Anime Dolls Master Post.

The Aotume heads will probably be your easiest and best option. Make sure your head will fit your body's connection bolt. Most dolls use an M16 connection but always make sure.


I will mark reputable vendors that are well known within circles I frequent. If a vendor is not marked as reputable, it doesn't mean they're aren't. I just have not heard much about them, are too new, or don't have reviews available. The blog aims to be completely transparent about every aspect of dolls. If you believe a vendor is reputable or isn't, please leave a comment with your experience with them.

※ Even if a vendor is located in China or Europe, they will still ship to Western countries. It is just the location of their business and big warehouse. Many vendors have warehouses in different countries to ship their customers' dolls there, which then get transferred to that country's local postal system or a specialized delivery service. Vendors can also use services such as DHL and Fedex.


The Doll Channel

Status: Reputable
Location: USA


※ TDC does sell some male dolls and you can ask them about dolls in this section if you're interested.

A pure American business that is the only one as of the launch of this blog offering small dolls within the USA. This is the store I personally use and endorse since I got my doll. I know the most about them since I have many personal experiences and I have nothing but honest and great things to say.

They have a warehouse with in-stock dolls that do not take as long to arrive to you, as opposed as if they were bought from an overseas vendor. The shop offers an inspection service if you buy a doll that isn't in stock. So you are covered against doll defects or shipping damage.

Ricky, the owner, has provided many easy to digest resources for the doll community such as maintenance videos and general info on the shop's YouTube channel. Some of the videos have to be censored for YT, so you should check out his site for the uncensored versions if interested. He does weekly streams and doll reviews, as well.

Their customer service is also fantastic and you can e-mail them with any inquiry, even regarding helping you get a doll that they may not carry. I have always gotten a fast response and there are also helpers in case Ricky is busy. I can say that TDC offers that excellent customer service that can be overlooked by more mainstream businesses.

The doll community that has been built by this store is very welcoming and helpful. Most of my doll knowledge has come from it and it was priceless resource when I received my first doll. You can join the community via their forum or after buying a product, you can join the Discord. There is no issue if you are buying a small doll, unlike other communities.

If you are an American, I encourage you to support your local businesses! The services offered by TDC are priceless to me because they are so close to home, so there is that extra sense of security to deal within the country, the faster shipping, and they are able to navigate the foreign doll market for you, too.

My Robot Doll

Status: Reputable
Location: Belgium


For this section, 99% of the dolls listed can be found with this vendor.

European based vendor with glowing reviews that accepts payment in Euro and they speak English, French and Dutch. They offer a large selection of all types of dolls and ship to many places including the USA.


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