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Lifesize Companion and Dress Up Dolls - Coming Soon. This will be a section for bigger or lifesize dolls that fall under more traditional doll standards, such as BJDs or anatomically correct TPE/silicone dolls without sex capabilities. Some dolls in previous sections will be moved over to this new one and this will expand the blog beyond being mostly for lolisho love dolls.

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Doll Repair - Coming Soon


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A simple and organized information blog in English for those looking to purchase loli, shota, and anime life size dolls. I specialize in shota and otokonoko but I will try to help everyone in the community equally with high quality information for all categories of dolls.


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※ No doll products or doll services are sold by the blog owner nor do I claim ownership to any dolls posted except my own.



※ ブログオーナーによってドール製品およびドールサービスが販売されることはなく、投稿されたドールについて私自身の所有物以外を主張することはありません。


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