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Pictured from left to right: Hiyokogumi Hugging Boy Series Fabric Doll, Irokebijin Hina Doll, Aotome Anime Doll, Catdoll Custom Shota Head, Nanonano Heavy Industries Custom Fabric Doll

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This blog was made with the purpose of providing an easy to find and organized resource in English for those wishing to purchase loli, shota, or anime life size dolls. Included are companion and sex (love) dolls.

The main purpose of this blog is to provide Western lolicons and shotacons with a resource for dolls. Other sections of the blog for anime dolls will focus on more niche categories, such as kemono or bishounen dolls (as I myself are only interested in male dolls, so I might as well).

Regular size anime dolls are a lot easier to find and more mainstream. If you are understandably NOT into lolisho, these other sections are separated, so you can avoid sections you don't want to see if you still need those other resources.


This blog is meant to help people for FREE and I'm not sponsored or use affiliate links for 99.99% of the information provided. No doll products or doll services are sold by the blog owner nor do I claim ownership to any dolls posted except my own.
The only affiliate links I will use in this entire blog is the doll supply shop that I personally use and for products that I actually own. I am constantly expanding my searches and knowledge about dolls to help others, as my own doll has brought me a lot of happiness and I really love him.

I will put in a lot of work into this blog, so those who wish to at least help get my doll a new wig when his wears out can use the referral link for the doll shop I use or donate Here.

If you have any suggestions, find any mistakes, or wish to contest the information provided, please comment on the post. I check the comments for the blog. I will do my best to provide accurate information based on my own research, what other doll owners tend to collectively agree on, and my own experiences with my doll.

If I have somehow used a picture of your doll or product and you want it removed, please comment as well. I always try to grab stock pictures, with exceptions being some indie Japanese doll manufacturers. If you are an independent doll maker, I have used your pictures with a link to your store or profile in hopes of getting you more business because I really like your work but I will gladly respect if you wish to have pictures removed.








To my knowledge, there are no resources available for these types of small dolls that:

  • Are not within shady websites with shady individuals
  • Allow access to the information without requiring you to sign up for said information. And if you DO sign up, you are required to dig through unorganized posts.

This simple blog wishes to remedy that, as increase in demand for resources about these dolls have gone up in recent years.
The blog will be organized to redirect to specific entries, as to not have a giant wall of text. Only the Legality section will be fully contained here, since that will make or break whether you can actually own a doll.

My expertise and focus is on anime and unrealistic dolls, with other small dolls being thrown in there may not be enough anime options for that category of dolls. So if you are sensitive, then it's best to click off the site. You should use the resources provided here responsibly.


As I only own a single doll from one manufacturer, I cannot comment on the quality of every doll shown in this blog.

My Advice To You Regarding Love Doll Quality

Look into the manufacturer and overall doll quality in regular sex doll places or blogs. Almost all of these manufacturers provided here make regular sized dolls. It is way easier to find information and reviews of regular sized dolls.

The discussion of small dolls are prohibited almost everywhere in the Western doll circles, so it's why you will not find information specifically about these dolls (and why this blog was made). It's common sense but you should also not ask about these dolls within those circles.


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  • Step 1.5 - Your Doll Requires Maintenance
  • The Glossary - Now You Can Pick a Doll

Step 1 - Legality for Certain Types of Dolls

For clarification, this section is only for dolls with obvious built in sex functionality. If you just want a companion doll that does not come with any of those functions, and there are dolls listed in this blog that fit that criteria, this section does not apply. It is worth to note that even some love doll manufacturers offer their bodies without any orifices and can be used as traditional dolls for photography, etc.

If your loli or shota doll comes with sex functionality, you have to check the legality of such dolls in your region.

Why are they banned if some are unrealistic? Simply put: Because they lack breasts and are small, so there are reactionary responses to them. Even some clearly cartoony dolls can be banned from not meeting "acceptable" height requirements or breast size.

Inquire with the shop you are buying your doll from about legality in your region or state.


Workarounds Within the USA

In the USA, a workaround to this issue is to get the doll shipped to a state where they are not illegal. You can then drive to that state and pick it up.

You should ship it to people you actually know and not something like a PO box. This is because the doll box needs to be laid flat during transit and after delivery. If your doll does not have standing feet bolts, the legs can be damaged if left upright for prolonged periods of time after delivery. It should also not be left upright standing on its neck.

You preferably want friends or family members handling a valuable purchase. The dolls are shipped in generic brown boxes, so nobody will actually know what it is unless you choose to tell them.

happydollday (2)

Example of a doll's box

Excerpt from The Doll Channel shop:

[In regards to small doll bans] "If you want to enjoy a small doll, feel free to come on down to San Antonio Texas where you can pick up your doll in person."

I buy all my doll specific supplies and wigs from The Doll Channel.

They have excellent customer service and I have never had any issues. Since these dolls are already niche enough in the Western world and I'm someone who really tries to support American owned business, I absolutely recommend them.

To my knowledge at the time of writing this post, they are the only shop within US borders that can offer you a small doll (also offers a variety of regular anime dolls) if you prefer to not order from abroad or want to risk navigating the overseas market. The Doll Channel acts as a middleman. To my knowledge, Ricky from TDC can get almost any dolls for you.

If there is a doll you want from a specific manufacturer that he doesn't carry on the website, you can chat or e-mail him about it. The shop answers fast.

Possible Workarounds for Elsewhere

I have seen people in other countries do this workaround, as well. They drive to a country where the doll is not illegal and pick it up. Then they drive back.


※ Use this knowledge responsibly, of course. Do not go to actual jail for being horny by ordering a doll directly through the mail in a region where they are illegal. Foreign customs will seize your doll and have your contact information.

Europeans should be especially cautious, as they are illegal in a lot more countries there.

Step 1.5 - Your Doll Requires Maintenance

I had to include this step here before the good stuff, like picking your doll.

It is extremely important to know that love dolls do require maintenance. Even if you do not have sex with your doll, it does still need maintenance. Aside from the legality, this will also make or break your decision. If you do not care for your doll, your expensive purchase will be wasted when it inevitably gets damaged due to poor maintenance.

It's not as scary or demanding as it sounds and there will be far more detail in a maintenance section I will include separately.

Some of the key points here do not apply to fabric love dolls. Information about them in available HERE to see if they are a good fit for you. With the caveat being they are even more niche in the West and I am still working on learning more about them.

The most important key points being:

  • TPE dolls require constant powdering (baby powder or corn starch) or they get tacky and attract dust. They also require a full body oiling with mineral oil. Best practices are to oil them at least every 3 months but some people do it just twice a year. I personally do it every 3 months.
  • Silicone dolls do not "require" powdering but it's a good practice. It can help reduce their glossy look. They do not require oiling at all, which is why they are also more expensive.
  • If you have sex with your doll, whether TPE, silicone, or fabric, you need to thoroughly clean and dry the inside or it will grow mold. If you have sex multiple times a day, you can see how lugging around a 25-50 lbs doll to clean the inside might not be for you. I will include videos about cleaning insides in another post. There is also a less hassle, albeit expensive, cleaning device you can buy.
  • The doll needs to be laid flat or suspended (with a special kit) when not in use. So make sure you have plenty of room on your bed or to store the doll back in its shipping box laying flat. Suspending is the best option here. If suspending, make sure your closet is strong enough to hold the doll but you can also buy a heavy duty rack for your doll, which is what I personally use but again, does require room.

I keep my doll on my bed for months, slightly flat with a pillow supporting his spine and head. This isn't recommended because it can make their butts flat or cause damage to the skeleton if not flat enough but I have a good quality memory foam mattress and because I don't have sex with my doll, the butt doesn't really matter to me. I can also just buy another body but if you went through a lot of trouble to get your doll, care for it properly!


These are the main points and if I think of any other that need to known, I will make sure to add them.

The Glossary - Now You Can Pick a Doll

The Glossary (also the Master Post) will be the informational master post of this blog. Within the categories there will be doll manufacturers and trusted vendors to buy from, alongside any other relevant information.

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A simple and organized information blog in English for those looking to purchase loli, shota, and anime life size dolls. I specialize in shota and otokonoko but I will try to help everyone in the community equally with high quality information for all categories of dolls.


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※ No doll products or doll services are sold by the blog owner nor do I claim ownership to any dolls posted except my own.



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